Lutheran Teachings

We are evangelical Christians.  Lutherans remain close to retaining the doctrine and practice of the early church, which used liturgical services and was careful to guard against false doctrine while being committed to evangelizing the world.

How did we get the name Lutheran?  In the 16th century, a German monk named Martin Luther brought much-needed reforms to the church. (At that time the Roman Catholic Church was the representative body of the Christian faith.)  Luther encouraged everyone to worship, have children and adults baptized, and learn God's Word, for in the pages of Scripture they would hear about the Savior.  Those who gathered for worship apart from the Roman Catholic Church were called "protesters" (who became known as Protestants) and "Lutherans" (who follow Luther's Christ-centered teachings).

Today over 80 million people worldwide consider themselves Lutheran Christians.  The Lutheran motto, Grace alone, faith alone, Scripture alone, refers to this teaching:

All may be saved by God's grace alone...
Through faith in the Son of God alone--apart from works or the prayers of others...
Our assurance of salvation is based on the testimony of Scripture alone--not traditions, popes or councils.

Our Denomination

 The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod.  The LCMS is a group of two million believers in more than 6,000 congregations worldwide.  We also are in fellowship with many more Lutheran groups who confess and teach as we do.  The word Synod means "to walk together," so we can rely upon consistent teaching no matter which LCMS church we attend.  The name "Missouri" is included for historic reasons: when the Saxons (from present-day Germany) settled in the United States in the 1830's, they settled in eastern Missouri and founded our denomination in 1847.  Missouri Synod Lutherans are found worldwide, all confessing Jesus Christ and our salvation by "Grace alone, faith alone, Scripture alone"!

Our Confessions

The Bible.  We believe, teach and confess that the Bible is the Word of God, infallible and inerrant.  It is the sole source of our knowledge of God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—and the sole source for doctrine and teaching.

The Book of Concord. This collection of writings is an exposition of the teachings of Holy Scripture.  It contains the Symbols of the early church (the Apostles’, Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds) in addition to the Augsburg Confession and other statements of what the Christian faith teaches and condemns.  Click here to access these writings, known as the Lutheran Confessions.

Current Issues. We speak where Scripture speaks on contemporary issues, and we study the Scriptures when issues call for wisdom, discernment, and conservative application of truth.  If you have questions about particular teachings and practices, see the Frequently Asked Questions at our Synod's official website that cover the Bible, Doctrine, Worship / Congregational Life, Denominations, and LCMS Views.

Our Reason to Exist

Still One God.

  • The LCMS is a place of refuge for all who seek the true Christian faith as it has been taught since the days of the first disciples.
  • In our pluralistic culture which places the self above reason, and which places opinion above Scripture, our churches are refreshingly black and white that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob still speaks today.
  • The Old Testament speaks of Christ who is to come, and the New Testament proclaims that He has come to seek and save the lost.
  • We Lutherans recognize we are forgiven sinners, on a mission to witness to Jesus during this life, as we await the Second Coming when Christ returns.

Salvation Matters.

  • We believe, teach, and confess that all men are born sinful and in need of God’s grace and forgiveness to be born again, as Jesus says, “of water and the Spirit.”
  • We believe heaven and hell are real locations where people are sent at the time of death, their permanent place for eternal life.
  • We believe Satan is a fallen angel who is limited in power, and that God will banish him on the Last Day.
  • Satan is already defeated through the Cross, where Jesus atoned for all mankind’s sin then rose from death to show that neither sin, death nor the devil have power over Him.
  • Every person needs Jesus.  He is a friend to every soul who calls Him Savior and Lord.

Lives Turn Around.

  • Almighty God changed the lives of his people in the Old Testament: Rahab, Joseph, Ruth, Daniel and more… and through Jesus He changed the lives of the woman at the well, the Roman centurion, and his foot-in-mouth disciple named Peter.
  • If the Christian faith has great meaning, it is for the life change and hope it produces in people!
  • Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we pray, learn and receive grace in our times of need to know that God will help us.
  • We celebrate how, through Jesus Christ, we have been set free from guilt and sin and empowered to serve Him daily.