We gather in person as the body of Christ at St. Matthew.  

During the pandemic, we are attending worship in our Family Life Center, where we can easily practice social distancing.  A few things are different during these times:

  • The doors to the Family Life Center are the only ones open for entry and exit.
  • We  offer the Lord's Supper at all services.  Many members are unable to attend regularly and are grateful to receive the Sacrament for its assurance of grace, strength, and forgiveness.  For the sake of our brothers and sisters who desire to receive the Lord's promises, we make Holy Communion available.
  • Safe practices: pastors and elders wash hands just prior to distribution; wafers are placed on hand without touch; individual cups are spaced in the tray; common cup is offered using recommended practice of a silver cup, alcoholic wine, wiping inside and outside with pure grain alcohol after each use.
  • Wearing a mask during the service is required by local ordinance.  Pastors wear one but remove it for clear speech while preaching and reading Scripture.  They can safely do so because the Chancel is thirty feet away from the nearest seats.
  • If you are feeling ill, please stay home.  Contact your pastor to see how he can help care for your spiritual needs at this time.
  • When you come into church, please refrain from physical contact and maintain the appropriate six feet of "social distancing."
  • Orders of service are fully printed out for you, and large-print copies are available.